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unlikely friendships

Unlikely Friendships Jennifer S Holland Workman press There are things you just don’t expect. Chimps cuddling up to birds. Bobcats and Dogs? Well the book is full of such unlikely stories. Pictures like these are so adorable I’ve had them on my plate stand showing the art off for weeks. Every single person who has … Continue reading

French Classics Made Easy

French Classics Made Easy is by a gentleman named Richard Grasuman and published by the fine folks at Workmens Press who loved me enough to send me some lovely books to review. I love to read cookbooks like novels. I then take a recipe or a concept try it out. 2 things usually happen when … Continue reading

30 Days to Social Media Success

30 Days to Social Media Success Gail Z Martin Career Press   A program designed so that within 1 month you can take a company who needs a shot in the arm to get to more possible customers. By using the Internet and some of the media options and social networks you can get your foot … Continue reading

DR Who

Dr Who: A Fairy Tale Life Matthew Sturges IDW The Doctor and Amy go on every kind of adventure. One day when the Doctor asked her what she wanted to next even he was in for a shock. Amy wants to be a princess just like the fairy tales. In typical Dr Who fashion what … Continue reading

Knits for nerds

Knits for Nerds Toni Carr McMeel Publishing Knits for Nerds shows off some wonderful clothing and costumes that are shown off at conventions all over. More then that this book shows you how to make what you see. For adults who refuse to give up their favorite pastime because others think it’s just a little … Continue reading

The 11 Laws of Likablity

  The 11 Laws of Likability Michelle Tillis Lederman Amacon   I seem to have picked up a lot of reading material lately on how to improve your business skills. Which is good for me and great for great for starting businesses. If you’ve read Personal Presence to me this book is like adding jewelry … Continue reading

30 Second Solution

30 Second Solution Ron Kardashion   I wanted to love this book. I wanted to like this book but I can’t. It is based on one thing the healthy brain. A lot of people who read self help books have altered brain chemistry already because of stress and depression. Most people don’t realize they aren’t … Continue reading


Today is 9/11 a day to remember those who have lost thier lives. The heros who are still with us and who need the help and support of all of us.

Creating Personal Presence

Creating Personal Presence Dianna Booher Berrett Koehler Publishing     I know that when we where all in school there where always the kids in school that seemed more put together then others. They looked smarter, the teachers called on them for things more, they where cool and then there where the rest of us. … Continue reading


September September is here and soon the school buses will be rolling up the street to take the kids back to school. We are setting our kids up for success in the coming year. For some reason as adults we don’t do the same for ourselves. As adults for some reason we wait for January … Continue reading