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V Wars

V Wars Johnathan Maberry IDW Publishing What if vampires where real? What if they lived right up the street from you, or they made your morning coffee? They could easily be running human trafficking rings. What if the vampires couldn’t be told apart from anyone else until they had to eat? What if the government … Continue reading

How To watch Television

How to Watch Television Ethan Thomson & Jason Mittel New York University Press This is an almost impossible book to review. Why, because it is a book of opinions. Opinions are almost impossible to classify. They just are and there is no right or wrong answer. What this book does is teach you about television. … Continue reading

The way of The warrior in bussiness

The Way of The Warrior in Business David Wayne Hendon Maven House Press This book teaches you the skills and strategies most useful in the fast paced word of business today. The things any company must know in order to survive today in the instant communications market. The thing that is most surprising is where … Continue reading

Live To write another Day

Live to Write another Day Dean Orion Sky Father Media Being a writer is work. Anyone who says it’s easy and fun either have never done it or are lying to you so that you will join in our insanity. This is a mean obsession where else in the world would you willing hand over … Continue reading

All is well with my soul

It is well with my soul Shelly Beach Discovery House publishing ‘First I want to apologize for taking this book and not doing a quick review. In fact I held on to this book and put off this review so long that I’m suprised that guys with guns didn’t show up at my door and … Continue reading

How beauty saved the beast

How Beauty Saved the Beast Jax Garison Carrina Press When danger draws a  dancer and a scarred ex-Army Ranger together in the heat of battle, sparks ignite. But it will take more than an almost kiss to convince Jolie that her feelings for Hauk extend past friendship. It’ s not until Hauk is kidnapped that … Continue reading

REluctantly related

  Reluctantly related Deanna Brann Phd Smith publicity   This book focuses on the relationship between In laws. The family we get tossed head first into when marriage happens. There is so much hype put on the wedding very few people think beyond it. When insanity ensues after the wedding people scratch their heads wondering … Continue reading

  Going social Jeremy Goldman Amacom   Going Social is a textbook for web 2.0. The web has become a social aqnimal and if you don’t know how to use it you get lost. Trying to figure it out is equally as difficult. With out help keeping up is impossible.  This book is the textbook … Continue reading

The Lowbrow Tarot

The Lowbrow Tarot Aunia Kahn Rusell J Moon Schiffer publishing The Lowbrow Tarot project is a in tarot related imagery. Each of the cards in the Major Arcana has been re imaged. Each image makes you want to see what else they dreamt of. It is a must look at for everyone with the love … Continue reading

Samantha moon and my new nook

I got a nook something that isn’t covered by where I used to get my books. So I’m on my own looking for the next big writers. And I love to shop the Pubit section. Rerasonably priced books and awesome new Authors to discover. That is where I met J.R. Rain. OK so I didn’t … Continue reading