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The way of The warrior in bussiness

The Way of The Warrior in Business
David Wayne Hendon
Maven House Press

This book teaches you the skills and strategies most useful in the fast paced word of business today. The things any company must know in order to survive today in the instant communications market. The thing that is most surprising is where you can find these tactics, The US Military, The Art of War. Classic books on strategies that are still stocked in most marketing sections of bookstores but are probably being over looked for flashier titles. This book proves you don’t need flash just solid plans.

Ideally I would have been able to read this book in paperback. The book is meant to be read in paperback. The author sends you to different sections of the book all the time. I understand he wants you to have building blocks he explains more fully in later chapters. However on my electronic reader that is impossible so it made skill building harder then it needs to be. I wish I could reread this book in the form the author intended.


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