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V Wars

V Wars Johnathan Maberry IDW Publishing What if vampires where real? What if they lived right up the street from you, or they made your morning coffee? They could easily be running human trafficking rings. What if the vampires couldn’t be told apart from anyone else until they had to eat? What if the government … Continue reading

How To watch Television

How to Watch Television Ethan Thomson & Jason Mittel New York University Press This is an almost impossible book to review. Why, because it is a book of opinions. Opinions are almost impossible to classify. They just are and there is no right or wrong answer. What this book does is teach you about television. … Continue reading

The way of The warrior in bussiness

The Way of The Warrior in Business David Wayne Hendon Maven House Press This book teaches you the skills and strategies most useful in the fast paced word of business today. The things any company must know in order to survive today in the instant communications market. The thing that is most surprising is where … Continue reading