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All is well with my soul

It is well with my soul
Shelly Beach
Discovery House publishing

‘First I want to apologize for taking this book and not doing a quick review. In fact I held on to this book and put off this review so long that I’m suprised that guys with guns didn’t show up at my door and stand over me.to get this review. That’s not the way i normally work. However this is not a normal book either. This book is unique in it’s field because it is targeted at the pain patient not the people who love us, or caregivers just us. It’s us talking to God and Him answering us. And the answers are not alway what we want to hear
I got this book one evening and was finishing a 9 day rosary for a family member. My plan was to start using this book the next day. Well my back was in so much pain when I woke up that day instead of reaching for this book I grabbed up my phone called my doctor and was in therapy by the end of the week. Well the standard therapist took one look at me and said you’re better off using home based Pt. He came out and decided that I needed to see a specialist in the treatment of chronic pain. So I ran through the book while he worked on me and my pain actually got worse. No this wasn’t the book it was the specialist. The book helped then but I wasn’t sure if it was the book or just the act of looking up the passages that kept me from going nuts on this expert.
This book passed each test I could throw it’s way and for that I’m glad. Most motivational books crack under pressure. Somewhere down the path the book doesn’t have the answer you need and you end up feeling like you’ve failed and you’re worse off than you where the day you started. Most times that leads you back to your bookstore and steering clear of this publisher. Why because they made you look like a fool and failure once so why do it again? So why is this publisher someone I trust? Discovery House, the name itself drew my attention. As a reviewer I see things other people miss and each thing I notice becomes part of what I test almost by mistake.

Nothing in this book said to me this is what you have to get out of this. Each segment allowed me to discover my own answer and each time I reread a passage I discovered more about myself, my pain and my faith. This book does not promise you a great future but you will have someone to walk with you down the road.

I find that I’m loyal to what works for me and that I tend to pass along what I find that works. This works. And if I get lucky enough to work with these folks again it would be an honor.


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