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REluctantly related

  Reluctantly related Deanna Brann Phd Smith publicity   This book focuses on the relationship between In laws. The family we get tossed head first into when marriage happens. There is so much hype put on the wedding very few people think beyond it. When insanity ensues after the wedding people scratch their heads wondering … Continue reading

  Going social Jeremy Goldman Amacom   Going Social is a textbook for web 2.0. The web has become a social aqnimal and if you don’t know how to use it you get lost. Trying to figure it out is equally as difficult. With out help keeping up is impossible.  This book is the textbook … Continue reading

The Lowbrow Tarot

The Lowbrow Tarot Aunia Kahn Rusell J Moon Schiffer publishing The Lowbrow Tarot project is a in tarot related imagery. Each of the cards in the Major Arcana has been re imaged. Each image makes you want to see what else they dreamt of. It is a must look at for everyone with the love … Continue reading