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unlikely friendships

Unlikely Friendships Jennifer S Holland Workman press There are things you just don’t expect. Chimps cuddling up to birds. Bobcats and Dogs? Well the book is full of such unlikely stories. Pictures like these are so adorable I’ve had them on my plate stand showing the art off for weeks. Every single person who has … Continue reading

French Classics Made Easy

French Classics Made Easy is by a gentleman named Richard Grasuman and published by the fine folks at Workmens Press who loved me enough to send me some lovely books to review. I love to read cookbooks like novels. I then take a recipe or a concept try it out. 2 things usually happen when … Continue reading

30 Days to Social Media Success

30 Days to Social Media Success Gail Z Martin Career Press   A program designed so that within 1 month you can take a company who needs a shot in the arm to get to more possible customers.┬áBy using the Internet and some of the media options and social networks you can get your foot … Continue reading