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DR Who

Dr Who: A Fairy Tale Life Matthew Sturges IDW The Doctor and Amy go on every kind of adventure. One day when the Doctor asked her what she wanted to next even he was in for a shock. Amy wants to be a princess just like the fairy tales. In typical Dr Who fashion what … Continue reading

Knits for nerds

Knits for Nerds Toni Carr McMeel Publishing Knits for Nerds shows off some wonderful clothing and costumes that are shown off at conventions all over. More then that this book shows you how to make what you see. For adults who refuse to give up their favorite pastime because others think it’s just a little … Continue reading

The 11 Laws of Likablity

  The 11 Laws of Likability Michelle Tillis Lederman Amacon   I seem to have picked up a lot of reading material lately on how to improve your business skills. Which is good for me and great for great for starting businesses. If you’ve read Personal Presence to me this book is like adding jewelry … Continue reading