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Creating Personal Presence

Creating Personal Presence

Dianna Booher

Berrett Koehler Publishing



I know that when we where all in school there where always the kids in school that seemed more put together then others. They looked smarter, the teachers called on them for things more, they where cool and then there where the rest of us. We teach our kids that is nothing you can do about it but study harder. Still the cool kids always seemed to get ahead of us.


I read once that our perception of that our perception of who the cool kids are doesn’t change once we hit the real world it just becomes more subtle. We go from the cool kids to people with the it factor. No one is willing to explain the it factor to you, you either have it or you don’t. A lot of us don’t and it it still effects us in the work world. We work just as hard as the cubby next to us and if they have the mythical it they move up the ranks faster then we do.


Don’t you wish someone could explain the it factor ? Well in her book Creating Personal Presence Dianna Booher does just that. It is in the way we look talk and act. She sets up the process of personal presence with such ease I even gave it a go. I’m the person who is probbly the most frightened of trying things you will ever see. I picked a single trick spent under 15 dollars updating my look and experimented. I try a few things out every time I read a book like this one so that I’m not endorsing bad advice or something you can’t maintain. The results of my experiment in just boosting my look? I was noticed at my event much more then I ever thought possible based on my past. I’ve gotten such a boost from 1 tip or trick that I feel basically unstoppable. This is not only a great read but it’s something I’m suggesting we get a hold of to share with others.


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