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The Secret to Instant Healing

The Secret to Instant Healing

Dr. Frank J Kinslow

Hay House Publishing


What if you could heal yourself a loved one or even the family pet instantly, nothing required of you but time and love? The author of this book claims it’s possible. More then that he claims that using his book he can teach you not only to heal yourself but your loved ones, your pets and the world. The process is as simple as thinking. The mind can produce all the energy needed to heal yourself.


I’ve seen this idea before in both books and in use at the doctor’s office. The truth is that this is the same basic idea used by my pain management team. It’s a concept that you have to be open to learning and using. Even though I am in near constant pain in some part of my body I have to get up and deal with living. In order to do that I use some form of this as a treatment several times an hour.


As you can see I’m a fan of this book. The concepts maybe odd to most people because we are so used to popping a pill and I don’t want people to stop taking medicine given by your doctor. I and many others have found that adding energy work to our daily lives cuts back on the amount of times we reach for things like pain killers. As the fight over health care continues I suggest that people get this book and learn the basics. It may be something you’ll find yourself using eventually.


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