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Doing Well at Being Sick

Doing Well at Being Sick

Wendy Wallace

Barbour House Publishing


In Doing Well at Being Sick Mrs. Wallace takes you bravely on her journey into her own chronic illness and shares her fair ups into active illness. This is a world few people see and fewer want to admit to having seen. Because it is a world still hidden in whispers it can be a terrifying place to enter. With this book Mrs Wallace becomes a guide and mentor. Chronic Illness is a monster to manage at times and people who suffer with it can some times become so worn down by the daily grind of of it all we forget to count our smallest blessings.


I have had a disability my entire life, but I still remember the absolute terror that raced thru my body when the specialist sat me down and told me that my disability had progressed to the chronic illness phase much faster then he had anticipated and he had originally thought I had 3-5 more years. I grew up knowing my body didn’t work the way other people’s did. I made the doctor’s appointment because I didn’t feel right. But nothing prepared me for the shock of hearing those words.I remember waiting for my ride and reading this book trying to hold it together so that the person I was with just didn’t see me come unglued.


You would think that knowing in the back of your mind this could happen to you , you would be better prepared. Well you would be wrong. I am entirely in Mrs. Wall ace’s debt for all the tips she gave in this book. I will admit that I was so scattered today I handed someone my phone thinking they where my house keys after a failed attempt at errand running.


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