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Why Meditate

Why Meditate

            Matthieu Ricard

            Hay House Inc.


            Why Meditate is a classic for anyone who chooses to learn the practice of meditation. It has been in circulation in one form or other for years, it has also been translated into several other languages. Despite being under 200 pages this book will prove to be a resource you reach for time and time again. 

            With the history of this book I was worried. Books with this type of history have people on both sides of this debate. You can find both people who love and hate this book. I decided to wait and see what my own experience was before deciding to love or hate this book.  I’ve found out that since the book told the truth, meditation is not something you can do one day skip for several and expect the ability to appear at will. I both love and hate this book. The author is correct this is a form of brain training and for best results should be done daily for at least twenty minutes .The book works and if your willing to work at it it will do amazing things for you. So I brand this book Fit To Read.


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