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I thought Tech was here to make our lives easier

Was it me or where we told computers and E-reading devices where supposed to make our lives easier to handle. HA, in June alone I had to buy a new computer becuse mine gave out with everything fit to read pluged in so thank god I keep long hand copies of all my reviews. speaking of which if your a part of netgalley your reviews will be up soon I swear I lost a few books when my reader froze and I had to send it in for repair.


I just got it back and I thought I had put them all up before both devices went into device melt down but no such luck. I am so sorry. Things will be up and runnning again soon. I thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.


About everythingfittoread

Passionate book reviewer of the ever mobile Everything fit to read book review company. I admit I'm also my only staff member.


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