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September September is here and soon the school buses will be rolling up the street to take the kids back to school. We are setting our kids up for success in the coming year. For some reason as adults we don’t do the same for ourselves. As adults for some reason we wait for January … Continue reading

The Secret to Instant Healing

The Secret to Instant Healing Dr. Frank J Kinslow Hay House Publishing   What if you could heal yourself a loved one or even the family pet instantly, nothing required of you but time and love? The author of this book claims it’s possible. More then that he claims that using his book he can … Continue reading

Doing Well at Being Sick

Doing Well at Being Sick Wendy Wallace Barbour House Publishing   In Doing Well at Being Sick Mrs. Wallace takes you bravely on her journey into her own chronic illness and shares her fair ups into active illness. This is a world few people see and fewer want to admit to having seen. Because it … Continue reading


Mercy Rebecca Lim Hyperion 2011                 Mercy is an angel on exile for some reason. Exile in this case means waking up in a new body at any given time. She has no idea who she is, where she is, what she can do and why it is she is where she is. The little … Continue reading


  Digitalis Ronnie Kending Barbour Publishing Colton Neely is a man with a past. He joined the military as a way of changing his life. He also begins to depend on his faith heavily. When he begins having horrible flashbacks that almost debilitate his entire life everything he believes come into question. And the woman … Continue reading

No One Lives Twice

  No One Lives Twice Julie Moffett Carina Press Lexi Carmichael is a professed nerd. She has job that any geek would love. She has friends that complete the ultimate nerd fantasy. Her life may seem cool to those of us want to be geeks but to her she is normal if not dull. That … Continue reading

Why Meditate

Why Meditate             Matthieu Ricard             Hay House Inc.             http://www.hayhouse.com/             Why Meditate is a classic for anyone who chooses to learn the practice of meditation. It has been in circulation in one form or other for years, it has also been translated into several other languages. Despite being under 200 pages this book … Continue reading

I thought Tech was here to make our lives easier

Was it me or where we told computers and E-reading devices where supposed to make our lives easier to handle. HA, in June alone I had to buy a new computer becuse mine gave out with everything fit to read pluged in so thank god I keep long hand copies of all my reviews. speaking … Continue reading

Sleeping beauty Vampire slayer

Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer Maureen McGowen Silver Dolphin Wow this was a great book. Content wise the story was a slam dunk. You know the story but this works. Sleeping Beauty as Buffy it works I don’t know how else to explain it I am expected to keep certain things like the books I review … Continue reading