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Archangels 101

Archangels 101

Doreen Virtue

Hay House publishing

Doreen Virtue explains the various abilities of 15 of her favorite Archangels. She shares stories of their work in her life and the lives of others. Also included are prayers which you can use directly or use them as the basis of your own unique prayers.

I have used Dr. Virtue’s techniques for years without them failing me. Even I was amazed by the power of this book and how easy it was to access. I had a huge problem facing me and this book to review. Every review says that this book has amazing ideas and it has helped them.  So I decided to throw my most difficult problem at this book and see what if anything happened. The very next day I knew exactly who in authority to write thank you St Michael and exactly what to say thank you Gabriel. Within 72 hrs  I now have answers that have alluded me for moths. I can’t explain it any other way then just like everyone else whose life Dr Virtue has changed I’m better for having read the book, trusting it and trying it.


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