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Inspiration Deficit Disorder

Inspiration Deficit Disorder
Jonathan H Ellerby
Hay House publishing

Inspiration Deficit Disorder sounds like something someone made up to sell a book. It does exist and it can kill you. What happens to you when nothing seems to go right? Maybe you had an accident and now your life has to change. When your run down tired and or at your wits end about what comes next in life one thing will always happen, you will develop an illness or worsen a preexisting one. People then blame something out side themselves and get worse until they die. It happens every day normally healthy vital active people get sick and are gone in a blink. Why does this happen because Western medicine has a hard time giving out useable practical information that could lower our need for high doses of pills.

As you can see by my description of this book I firmly believe in it. No where does it say that you should stop taking prescribed meds. Those may be needed to help you to live to your fullest potential. I have loved ones who are already in the grip of this illness. As you watch it suck the life out of loved ones you feel yourself getting madder and madder. We use hospitals to fix our bodies and do what is in our best interest not kill us by poisoning our minds and weakening our sprits.

I’m hoping that now that I have tools and knowledge to fight this disorder I can stop it from claiming the lives of any more people I love. This is a book that everyone needs on their book case because the sooner you see the signs of this disorder and understand it for what it is the sooner you can start fighting it as a family.


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