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Our Lady of Dreams

Our Lady of Dreams
Chanson Duvall
Beaux Reves Publishing
Available at Amazon.com
Katherine Marconi is a prosecutor in The La District Attorney’s office and is assigned a big case, the kind that changes lives. If only she had known just how her life would change she probably would have passed up the opportunity. A New age teacher is found dead in a clearing by his cabin home the suspect is one of his students a football player at the beginning of a promising career.
When she sees the body she is horrified to see the baby brother she called Thomas. He had changed his name and began teaching a new way of life. They where not close but the change in him surprised her and so she decided to keep the fact she was related to him a secret because it would mean she would be pulled off the case. Even more surprising is how her mother takes the news and begins praying for the man accused of her son’s murder.
For me to say that this book took twists and turns that gave me goose bumps would be an understatement. The book has a pull to it once you start reading it. I got the cold chills from it and very often wanted to put it down. But just as I would set it down and say ok I’ve read enough for now I would find myself compelled to pick it up and read just a little more.
I can’t say that this book is fit to read. That wouldn’t be an accurate description of this author’s gift. This book is an experience that becomes part of you in a way no book has for me in my years of reviewing. For those who choose to pick up this book your life will change. I am honored that I was chosen to have it change mine.  I hope to hear from this author again .

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One thought on “Our Lady of Dreams

  1. I also have a book of poetry available called ‘Arrays of Consciousness:Poems.’
    I hope to have my new novel out next year titled: ‘Invisible Mirrors: the life of an American Mystic.’

    Posted by Chanson Duvall | June 19, 2010, 6:57 pm

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