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In light of all problems both man made and natural I thought this book would be a timely repost. The staff of Everything fit to read, Twilight times books, and Robina Williams extend our thoughts prayers and best wishes to those suffering during this time

Robina Williams
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Gaea was yet another all night thrill ride curtsy of Ms. Williams. This is the 3rd in her quantum cat series I have no idea how she continues to do what it is she does. You would think that writing the adventures of an Angel who masquerades as a Friary cat would be difficult enough work. But she keeps adding layers with each new story.

Now we not only have Leo, the friars and their lives , mystical creatures, greek mythological gods, God himself , Mother Earth and a slew of saint’s working to build other planets from the ground up. I don’t know how she does it but my life would be emptier if she didn’t.

In this story Mother Earth has had all she’s willing to take of us and our pollution. We have been thorns in her side long enough, as far as she can see this planet could do with a few less people on it and in a fit of fury she decides to make the nessescary adjustments by killing all of us.. Thankfully we have Quant on our side.

Could I tell more of this story. Yes. Am I going to? Nope. But you should scurry somewhere quickly and pick this book up. I’ll even go so far as to ok disorderly exiting from this review to get this book .


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