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Nine Lives and Three Wishes

Nine Lives and Three Wishes by Jenifer St. Clair adds yet another adorable cat to the list of adorable cats this confirmed non cat person has to make an exception for. Mist is as ordinary as any cat can be until the day he sets a genie free. ¬†Three wishes is his reward and his … Continue reading

The Elixar

The Elixar is a story about a young couple with everything going for them. They didn’t have the good health others did. While on vaction they are offered a gift, an elixer that will grant almost endless life. Do they take it or not? Wow one drink that offers you perfect health and everlasting life … Continue reading

Yet another new home

Yet another new home and another new look. I think I may actually be getting good at designing this stuff. I have decided not to post all my old blogs up first. As they become relevant they will be put up